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Finding the perfect gift can be stressful, right?

Gift-shopping has always been a guessing game. You can spend hours searching for gifts for your family and friends, simply hoping you’ll find something they love…

But not anymore!

SplitChek takes the guesswork out of gift-giving. Think of us as your ultimate gift-shopping partner. A platform where you and your loved ones can create wishlists and gifting groups, browse thousands of high-quality products and even share the costs of gifts at checkout.

SplitChek makes
gift-giving easy

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SplitChek makes
gift-giving easy


So, how does SplitChek work?

SplitChek is a social gift-giving platform, bringing together family, friends and the community to find, buy and share meaningful gifts.

Gift-shopping just got a whole lot easier! With SplitChek you can:


Share wishlists and shopping preferences

With shareable wishlists and shopping preferences, you can find out exactly what your loved ones want without giving away the surprise!


Create gifting groups

Invite your family and friends to join gifting groups for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, hen’s parties and more


Split the costs at checkout

Easily share the cost of gifts and group purchases with our simple checkout process


Be part of our gifting community

Connect with your loved ones and stores, share feedback and help other community members with their gifts

spread the joy

Spread the joy with SplitChek

We believe everyone deserves the joy of giving and receiving gifts. And when we share the gift-giving experience, we can sprinkle that joy around like feelgood confetti.

With our social gifting community, you’ll never shop alone. The SplitChek community not only offers a fun, safe and social way to shop — members can also help each other by contributing towards gifts for others.

How’s that for sharing the warm-and-fuzzies, eh?

Find the right gift in just a few clicks

Discover how easy it is to use SplitChek to find and buy the perfect gift for your loved ones in the video below.

Want a fun, safe and social way to shop for your next gift?

Join SplitChek today and receive 20% off at selected stores for your first 2 months!

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Take the guesswork out of gift-giving

Take the guesswork out of gift-giving


Join SplitChek today and receive 20% off at selected stores for your first 2 months!

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