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Who we are?


SplitChek is a social gifting company. What does that mean? Please think of us as one of your social media platforms and as a shopping marketplace… combined!

Our goal is to change the gift-shopping experience from a stressful chore to a fun, social, and interactive activity.

Gift-shopping has always been a game of guessing. You had to search for the perfect gift for your friends and family, hoping they would love it. But with SplitChek, people can create shopping preferences, gifting groups and wishlists, taking out the guessing game.


What it means to you?

You never have to shop alone- We know that people don't always have enough money to buy the perfect gift. Even if you have great intentions and your gift would make your loved ones happy, sometimes your wallet disagrees with you and forces you to choose something "more affordable".

Here at SplitChek, we don't want you to settle for "affordable". We want you to get the best gifts. On our platform, you can split your checkout bill with your friends and family, making it much easier to purchase an expensive product for someone you love!

Embracing the community shopping power- Being able to split the bill at checkout with your family and friends is fantastic, but what if you still can't afford a gift, even with their help?

Here at SplitChek, you are never alone because we care about you! If you ever struggle to pay your checkout bill, know that our community is always there to help you when you need it most.

If someone helped you out of the kindness of their heart, won't you do the same for someone else? Pay it forward with SplitChek and help us make the world a better place.

Shopping is fun when it's social- We believe that gift-shopping should be a part of social life because the act of gift-giving is inherently social.

There is nothing better than seeing a smile on the face of your friends or family members after they open the gift you bought for them.

That is why we encourage you to share your shopping experience with others! You can gossip about products and services, share your opinions, recommend your favourites, and use the power of the community to share the bills.

Take the guesswork out of gift-giving

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