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SplitChek connects your business with thousands of online shoppers locally, nationally and internationally, who love shopping and are ready to buy.

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Reach a community that is ready to buy

With SplitChek Advertising, you'll tap into a community of online shoppers with money to spend to grow your leads, sales and profits.

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Be part of the community that needs your products or services.

SplitChek is an online social shopping platform connecting your business to its shoppers at a personal level. See which products perform better using shopper's live feedback, comments and reactions and more!

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Ad types

SplitChek is an eCommerce platform allowing you to list your products for free. You are entitled to list up to 100 products. Most links are limited within the platform, but when you use SplitChek's paid advertising, you can send shoppers to any site you want.


Boosting can be used on stores, products, blogs, landing pages, seasonal products, categories and brands. This can be used to create brand awareness.

In-app Email

You can send emails to shoppers within the app. If shoppers have not opened your email, it will be sent to their inbox after three days

Pay As You Go

With SplitChek, you can create campaigns and set how SplitChek should process your campaign. Supported Pay as you go includes Pay Per Click (PPC), PPV and CPM.

Push Notifications

Send notifications to current and future online shoppers. Push Notifications appear in customers feed on both desktops and mobile devices.