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Share meaningful gifts with your family and friends

Studies show that shoppers endure a lot of stress during gifting seasons; usually caused by fearing embarrassment or judgement, challenges of finding affordable, meaningful gifts, limited time and finances or gifting to a self-conscious family member or friend.

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Introducing SplitChek

‌SplitChek is a social gifting platform that connects shoppers to share the cost of meaningful gifts for each other.


We haveeliminated the stressand hassle by giving you the ability to share, give and receive thoughtful gifts. You can create shopping preferences, a wishlist registry and shopping groups which your loved ones can buy from and where friends and family can use the platform to share the cost.

How does it work?


Create an account

It is free to create an account on SplitChek. We will never charge you for our services


Update shopping preferences

Get the item you always dreamed about by sharing the cost with others


Add items to wishlist

You can share the goss, shopping ideas with your friends


Invite family and friends

Add items to your wishlist and let your loved ones pick items from it


You can keep it secret

You want to keep it secret, set your shopping preferences like colour, size and invite selected members to search for gifts for you.

Having trouble at checkout, no worries, SplitChek allows you to invite your loved ones to split the cost at checkout.

When you buy items on SplitChek, sellers will receive your order and ship the goods to your address.

How we source products

We connect you to local stores that provide quality products. We manually approve each seller on SplitChek. Sellers must have their businesses registered through their government authority before they can be approved to sell on SplitChek.

SplitChek definitions

A SplitCheker is someone who loves SplitChek community and wants to help it grow. They always give the right gifts, never miss important events from their timelines, help make decisions and are happy to do volunteer work on SplitChek. You can enable or disable this feature in your settings.

A SplitCheker Gifter Gifter is someone who shops on behalf of someone else in their groups. You do this by choosing who you want to shop for, and you will see the products and services that relate to that member.

A SplitChek shopper is someone who is purchasing goods and services for themselves.

A store is a business that is approved to sell its goods on SplitChek.

Take the guesswork out of gift-giving

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