SplitChek - Gift giving just got a lot easier

SplitChek has eliminated the stress and hassle by giving shoppers the ability to share, give and receive thoughtful gifts. Shoppers can create their shopping preferences and a wish-list registry which loved ones can buy from and where friends and family can use the platform to share the cost


Selling on SplitChek

SplitChek provides a trustworthy platform connecting vendors to shoppers who are actively engaged in buying gifts for their friends and family. As a vendor, you can sell meaningful products that give value and improve shoppers' confidence when choosing a gift for their loved ones.

What is a meaningful gift?

A meaningful gift is a product that gifters buy as a thoughtful gift for their loved ones. Our mission as vendors is to reduce gifting stress by creating packaged products that help shoppers and gifters eliminate the guesswork.

As a seller, you may remember why you stopped selling on eBay or Amazon. You'll notice that they have one thing in common, they sell many products to please everyone but still, customers don't know what to buy as gifts. Trading on these marketplaces comes at a cost to you, competition with inferior cheap products and high transaction fees. SplitChek wants to help you sell your products in a social and relaxed gifting platform.

SplitChek believes in working together as vendors to create a shopping experience for our shoppers. We encourage vendors to be creative and work together to solve shoppers' problems. Our primary concern is that our customers are stressing about the products we sell. Some find it hard to decide how to package them as a gift to their loved ones. It is our job to help them choose a thoughtful gift.

Here are some examples to help you understand how SplitChek works:


Cleaning service

  • You are in a cleaning service, and you want your services to be on SplitChek - First, you must ask yourself, how can I make my service feel like a gift package? If you haven't planned this part, you won't be approved to list your services on SplitChek. Consider this package:
  • Three-Hour Weekend Gift For Your House: Have time off to the beach while I clean your house on Saturday afternoon.s

  • The above is ok and will be accepted but not good enough. How about this;
  • 3-Hour Sunday Gift + Lawn Mowing For Your Home or 4-Hour Sunday Gift + Lawn Mowing + Grocery Shopping to relax your day.



  • Your store sells supplements. You automatically qualify to sell your products on SplitChek. Similar to a cleaning service, selling individual items should be your last option. You know your customers frequently asked questions about your products, why not answer them via packaging them into a product? For example:
  • Packing a pre-workout, protein bars, post-work and vitamins makes this package a better option. We aim to reduce customer questions and stress when they want to do business with you.

  • Even better, include a challenge within your gift package, e.g.
  • 14-day-challenge-package. Included; pre-workout, 14 protein bars, three shakers, plant protein, post-workout, vitamins, meal planner and a-14-day-free-gym trial. This package makes buying a gift a lot easier for gifters.


Personal trainer

  • If you are a personal trainer, your services may not qualify on SplitChek. But thinking outside the box, it is possible. Let's say you call your product shred-6-kilos-in-14 days-with-joe. In this package you include supplements similar to the above example plus your service, then you qualify. SplitChek is all about partnering with other businesses, e.g. if you can’t write a meal plan, talk to a dietitian or find meal delivery companies near you.

Special soap

  • If you sell special soap, your business qualifies to sell on SplitChek, but you can package your soap as a bundle, e.g. Package your soap with candles, wine, flowers or anything that will help shoppers make a quick decision.


  • If your store sells clothing, but you don't have complimentary shoes or bags, cross-sell with those that sell them and package your product as one.

Many more

  • Other products that would make great high-quality gifts to sell on SplitChek are jewellery, make-up, essential oils, art and photographic prints, kids clothes and many more. As long as products are of high quality they are suitable to sell on SplitChek.

SplitChek encourages vendors to do their research on their products and the problems they are solving. We all know we can't solve all problems, but another vendor on SplitChek might be solving a similar situation or unrelated shoppers' issues. Partnering with others may improve your products and services’ conversion rate. For example, if you are in a cleaning service, and you know a gardener or someone who sells cleaning products or a chef. If you can't find them, search them on SplitChek, LinkedIn, Facebook and ask them to join you on SplitChek so that you can cross-sell products on SplitChek.

Questions & Definitions

  • What if the gifter doesn't want to buy all bundled items?
  • We allow you to sell your stock item as a:
  • Kit - shoppers must purchase all items
  • Bundle - shoppers can choose which items to buy within a bundle
  • Configurable - Shoppers choose a variant, e.g. colour, size and can buy one variant at a time
  • Individual - shoppers can buy one product at a time.
  • A Gifter

    A Gifter - is someone who buys gifts for others.

  • A Shopper

    A shopper - is someone who buys goods and services for themselves.

  • A shopper can be a gifter or vice versa. On SplitChek, shoppers choose whom they want to buy gifts for, which switches them to a Gifter. The main difference between shoppers and gifters is that kits and bundled products have a higher ranking when browsing as a gifter than a shopper. If you are targeting gifters, package your products as kits or bundles that create a one-stop gift package.
  • What if I only sell to other businesses?

    Selling to other businesses is automatically approved. Your products will appear to business owners and their staff.

  • What if I am not approved?

    If you are not approved, don't worry, you can still create a business account and use our blogs and goss features for free. You can use them to build your audience and link readers to your website.

If you have any questions, contact us, and we will be glad to help you.