Code of Conduct ("Community Engagement")

Effective on April 15, 2020

1. Introduction

Every day, shoppers come to SplitChek to share their stories, see the world through the eyes of others, and connect with friends and family, wishlist enjoying a great shopping experience. The conversations that happen on SplitChek reflect the diversity of a community where shoppers communicate across states, countries and cultures and in dozens of languages, posting everything from text to photos and videos.

We recognize how important it is for SplitChek to be a place where shoppers feel empowered to communicate their experiences and opinions, and we take our role in keeping abuse off our service seriously. That’s why we have developed a set of Community Standards that outline what is and is not allowed on SplitChek. Our Standards apply around the world to all types of content. They’re designed to be comprehensive – for example, content that might not be considered hate speech may still be removed for violating our bullying policies.

The goal of our Community Standards is to encourage expression and create a safe environment. We base our policies on input from our community and from experts in fields such as technology and public safety.

Our policies are also rooted in the following principles:


shoppers need to feel safe in order to shop and build trust in SplitChek. We are committed to removing content that encourages real-world harm, including (but not limited to) physical, financial, and emotional injury.


Our mission is all about educating our younger generation about better ways to spend money on shopping. We err on the side of allowing content and or products and serices, even when some find it objectionable, unless removing that item can prevent a specific harm. Moreover, at times we will allow item that might otherwise violate our standards if we feel that it is newsworthy, significant, or important to the public interest. We do this only after weighing the public interest value of the content against the risk of real-world harm.

Everyone on SplitChek plays a part in keeping the platform safe and respectful. We ask shoppers to share responsibly and to let us know when they see something that may violate our Community Standards. We make it easy for shoppers to report potentially violating content, including pages, groups, articles, goss, products, profiles, individual content, and/or comments to us for review. We also give shoppers the option to block, unfollow, or hide shoppers and goss and stores, so that they can control their own experience on SplitChek.

The consequences for violating our Community Standards vary depending on the severity of the violation and a person's history on the platform. For instance, we may warn someone for a first violation, but if they continue to violate our policies, we may restrict their ability to interact with SplitChek Products or disable their profile. We also may notify law enforcement when we believe there is a genuine risk of physical harm or a direct threat to public safety.

Our Community Standards, which we will continue to develop over time, serve as a guide for how to communicate on SplitChek. It is in good faith that we ask members of the SplitChek community to follow these guidelines.

2. Dangerous Individuals and Organizations

In an effort to prevent and disrupt real-world harm, we do not allow any organizations or individuals that proclaim a violent mission or are engaged in violence, from having a presence on SplitChek. This includes organizations or individuals involved in the following:

  • Terrorist activity
  • Organized hate
  • Mass or serial murder
  • Human trafficking
  • Organized violence or criminal activity
  • We also remove content that expresses support or praise for groups, leaders, or individuals involved in these activities.

3. Promoting or Publicizing Crime

We prohibit shoppers from promoting or publicizing violent crime, theft, and/or fraud because we do not want to condone this activity and because there is a risk of copycat behavior. We also do not allow shoppers to depict criminal activity or admit to crimes they or their associates have committed. We do, however, allow shoppers to debate or advocate for the legality of criminal activities, as well as address them in a rhetorical or satirical way provided they are related to SplitChek mission and shopping.

4. Coordinating Harm

In an effort to prevent and disrupt real-world harm, we prohibit shoppers from facilitating or coordinating future activity, criminal or otherwise, that is intended or likely to cause harm to shoppers, businesses, or animals. shoppers can draw attention to harmful activity that they may witness or experience as long as they do not advocate for or coordinate harm.

5. Regulated Goods

To encourage safety and compliance with common legal restrictions, we prohibit attempts by individuals, manufacturers, and retailers to purchase, sell, or trade non-medical drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, and marijuana provided you have a licence to do so. We also prohibit the purchase, sale, gifting, exchange, and transfer of firearms, including firearm parts or ammunition, between private individuals on SplitChek. Some of these items are not regulated everywhere; however, because of the borderless nature of our community, we try to enforce our policies as consistently as possible. Firearm stores and online retailers may promote items available for sale off of our services as long as those retailers comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We allow discussions about sales of firearms and firearm parts in stores or by online retailers and advocating for changes to firearm regulation.

6. Suicide and Self-Injury

In an effort to promote a safe environment on SplitChek, we remove content that encourages suicide or self-injury, including real-time depictions that might lead others to engage in similar behavior. Self-injury is defined as the intentional and direct injuring of the body, including self-mutilation and eating disorders. We want SplitChek to be a space where shoppers can share their experiences, raise awareness about these issues, and support each other through difficult experiences, and so we allow shoppers to discuss suicide and self-injury. We encourage shoppers to offer and to seek support from one another in connection with these difficult topics.

We work with organizations around the world to provide assistance to shoppers in distress. We also talk with experts in suicide and self-injury to help inform our policies and enforcement.

We remove any content that identifies and negatively targets victims or survivors of self-injury or suicide seriously, humorously, or rhetorically. shoppers can, however, share information about self-injury and suicide to draw attention to the issue and allow for discussion so long as they do not promote or encourage self-injury or suicide.

7. Child Nudity and Sexual Exploitation of Children

SplitChek is a shopping and educational platform. Sharing of child nudity or any sort is prohibited

8. Sexual Exploitation of Adults

SplitChek is a shopping platform and we will remove content that displays, advocates for, or coordinates sexual acts with non-consenting parties or commercial sexual services, such as prostitution and escort services. We do this to avoid facilitating transactions that may involve trafficking, coercion, and non-consensual sexual acts.

To protect victims and survivors, we also remove images that depict incidents of sexual violence and intimate images shared without permission from the people pictured. We want you to enjoy shopping and sharing shopping experiences nothing more. If you feel the need to engage in this acts, please use other social platforms that allow you to so.

9. Bullying

Bullying happens in many places and comes in many different forms from making statements degrading someone's character to posting inappropriate images to threatening someone. We do not tolerate bullying on SplitChek because we want the members of our community to feel safe and respected. Please adhere to shopping communications. We will remove content that purposefully targets private individuals with the intention of degrading or shaming them. We recognize that bullying can be especially harmful to minors, and our policies provide heightened protection for minors because they are more vulnerable and susceptible to online bullying.

10. Harassment

We do not tolerate harassment on SplitChek. We want shoppers to feel safe to engage and connect with their community. Our harassment policy applies to both public and private individuals because we want to prevent unwanted or malicious contact on the platform. Context and intent matter, and we allow shoppers to share and re-share posts if it is clear that something was shared in order to condemn or draw attention to harassment. In addition to reporting such behavior and content, we encourage shoppers to only share shopping, educational content, travelling, disocunts experiences on SplitChek. Content that eduates our future generations to improve their finacial wellbeing.

11. Privacy Violations and Image Privacy Rights

Privacy and the protection of personal information are fundamentally important values for SplitChek. We work hard to keep your account secure and safeguard your personal information in order to protect you from potential physical or financial harm. You should not post personal or confidential information about others without first getting their consent. We also provide shoppers ways to report imagery that they believe to be in violation of their privacy rights.

12. Hate Speech

We do not allow hate speech on SplitChek because it creates an environment of intimidation and exclusion and in some cases may promote real-world violence. We define hate speech as a direct attack on shoppers based on what we call protected characteristics — race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity, and serious disease or disability. We define attack as violent or dehumanizing speech, statements of inferiority, or calls for exclusion or segregation. We separate attacks into three tiers of severity, as described below.

Sometimes shoppers share content containing someone else’s hate speech for the purpose of raising awareness or educating others. Similarly, in some cases, words or terms that might otherwise violate our standards are used self-referentially or in an empowering way. When this is the case, we allow the content, but we expect shoppers to clearly indicate their intent, which helps us better understand why they shared it. Where the intention is unclear, we may remove the content. We allow humor and social commentary related to these topics. In addition, we believe that shoppers are more responsible when they share this kind of commentary using their authentic identity.

Do not post content that does not reflect shopping, travelling, educational or any content that does not improve others wellbeing. Our mission is to give shoppers the power to build community and educate younger generation about smarter shopping throughout the world

13. Violence and Graphic Content

We remove content that glorifies violence or celebrates the suffering or humiliation of others because it may create an environment that discourages participation. Stick to shopping content sharing on SplitChek

We remove imagery of violence committed against real shoppers or animals with comments or captions by the poster that contain

  • Enjoyment of suffering
  • Enjoyment of humiliation
  • Erotic response to suffering
  • Remarks that speak positively of the violence; or
  • Remarks indicating the poster is sharing footage for sensational viewing pleasure
  • Videos of dying, wounded, or dead people of any kind.
  • Videos that show child abuse of any kind
  • Imagery featuring mutilated people of any kind
  • Photos of wounded or dead people of any kind

Videos of animal abuse, defined as

  • Repeated kicking or beating of an animal by a person
  • Acts of torture by a person committed against animals
  • Biting of an animal for abusive purposes
  • Imagery of animal fights when visible innards or dismemberment is visible, unless in the wild
  • Animals being killed in a hunting, manufacturing, or food preparation/processing context
  • Videos or photos that show child abuse, defined above, when accompanied by captions or context
    condemning or raising awareness about the abuse
  • Videos that show the violent death of a person or shoppers by accident or murder
  • Still images depicting the violent death of a person or shoppers
  • Videos that show acts of torture committed against a person or shoppers
  • Videos of physical bullying or violence of any sort
  • Photos and videos of non-medical foreign objects (such as metal objects, knifes, nails)
    involuntarily inserted or stuck inside people or animals causing grievous injury
  • Imagery of fetuses of any kind
  • Photos and videos of animals in a ritual slaughter context showing dismemberment, or visible innards, or charring and burning
  • Imagery of visible innards in a birthing context

14. Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity

We restrict the display of nudity to ages 21 and above. Shopper who posts these content must set the age bracket to 21 and above and mark the content as containing adult material. The display of sexual activity are restricted because some shoppers in our community may be sensitive to this type of content. Merchants should provide proof that they sell such products before publishing them on SplitChek. Unverified merchants and individuals postings will be removed. Additionally, we default to removing sexual imagery of unverified merchants to prevent the sharing of non-consensual or underage content. Restrictions on the display of sexual activity also apply to digitally created content unless it is posted for educational, humorous, or satirical purposes.

We understand that nudity can be shared for a variety of reasons, including as a form of protest, to raise awareness about a cause, or for educational or medical reasons. Where such intent is clear, we make allowances for the content provided you have asked for permission from SplitChek voicing your intension. All nudity and or approved sexual activity should not be posted into the public goss. You can post content only to your family, friends and connections including the age bracket of 21 and above and that your content contains adult content

Images that will be removed:
  • Real nude adults, where nudity is defined as Visible genitalia except in the context of birth giving and after-birth moments or health-related situations (for example, gender confirmation surgery, genitalia self-examination for cancer or disease prevention/assessment)
  • Sexual activity
  • Explicit sexual intercourse, defined as mouth or genitals entering or in contact with another person's genitals or anus, where at least one person's genitals are nude
  • Implied sexual intercourse, defined as mouth or genitals entering or in contact with another person's genitals or anus, even when the contact is not directly visible, except in cases of a sexual health context, advertisements, and recognized fictional images or with indicators of fiction
  • Implied stimulation of genitalia/anus, defined as stimulating genitalia/anus or inserting objects into genitalia/anus, even when the activity is not directly visible, except in cases of sexual health context, advertisements, and recognized fictional images or with indicators of fiction
  • Other sexual activities including (but not limited to)
    • Erections
    • Presence of by-products of sexual activity
    • Stimulating genitals or anus, even if above or under clothing
    • Use of sex toys, even if above or under clothing
    • Stimulation of naked human nipples
    • Squeezing naked female breast
    • Fetish content that involves
    • Acts that are likely to lead to the death of a person or animal
    • Dismemberment
    • Cannibalism
    • Feces, urine, spit, snot, menstruation, or vomit
  • Digital content that meets our definition of sexual activity unless any of the following conditions exist
    • You have been approved as a merchant to post or promote these products
    • Content is posted to your family and friends only and is not shareable
  • Sexually explicit language, defined as description that goes beyond mere mention of
    • A state of sexual arousal
    • An act of sexual intercourse or sexual activity, unless posted in an attempt at humor or satire, or is educational in nature

15. Sexual Solicitation

Shoppers use SplitChek to shop, discuss shoping discounts, share coupns and share shopping experiences. Unless refering to products related to sex or for educational purposes and rated as sexualy explicit we restrict any sexually explicit language that may lead to solicitation. We draw the line, however, when content facilitates, encourages or coordinates sexual encounters between adults.

16. Cruel and Insensitive

We believe that shoppers share and connect more freely when they do not feel targeted based on their vulnerabilities. As such, we have higher expectations for content that we call cruel and insensitive, which we define as content that targets victims of serious physical or emotional harm.

Do not post content that depicts real shoppers and mocks their implied or actual serious physical injuries, disease, or disability, non-consensual sexual touching, or premature death

17. Spam

We work hard to limit the spread of commercial spam to prevent false advertising, fraud, and security breaches, all of which detract from shoppers's ability to share and connect. We do not allow shoppers to use misleading or inaccurate information to collect likes, followers, or shares. All businesses that sell and or advertise on SplitChek are verified from their government authorities.

Do not:

  • Artificially increase distribution for financial gain
  • Create or use fake accounts or compromise other shoppers’s accounts to
  • Impersonate or pretend to be a business, organization, public figure, or private individual
  • Attempt to create connections, create content, or message shoppers
  • Restrict access to content by requiring shoppers to like, share, or recommend before viewing
  • Encourage likes, shares, or clicks under false pretenses
  • Reward shoppers with loyalty points by requiring shoppers to like, share, or comment on your post or store
  • Maliciously use login credentials or personally identifiable information by:
    • Attempting to gather or share login credentials or personally identifiable information
    • Using another person’s login credentials or personally identifiable information

  • Promise non-existent SplitChek features

18. Misrepresentation

Authenticity is the cornerstone of our shoppers. We believe that shoppers are more accountable for their statements and actions when they use their authentic identities. That's why we require shoppers to connect on SplitChek using the name they go by in everyday life. Our authenticity policies are intended to create a safe environment where shoppers can trust and hold one another accountable.

Do not:

Misrepresent your identity by
  • Using a name that does not exists or fictional names. You may be required to provide a prof
  • Providing a false date of birth
  • Misuse our profiles product by
  • Creating a profile for someone under 7 years old
  • Maintaining multiple accounts
  • Creating inauthentic profiles
  • Sharing an account with any other person
  • Creating another account after being banned from the site
Impersonate others by
  • Using their images with the explicit aim to deceive shoppers
  • Creating a profile assuming the persona of or speaking for another person or entity
  • Creating a goss, blog or store assuming to be or speak for another person or entity for whom the user is not authorized to do so.
  • Posting imagery that is likely to deceive the public as to the content's origin, if:
    • Can establish a risk of harm to members of the public.
    • Engage in inauthentic behavior, which includes creating, managing, or otherwise perpetuating
      • Accounts that are fake
      • Accounts that have fake names
  • Accounts that participate in, or claim to engage in, coordinated inauthentic behavior, meaning that multiple accounts are working together to do any of the following:
  • Mislead shoppers about the origin of content
  • Mislead shoppers about the destination of links off our services (for example, providing a display URL that does not match the destination URL)
  • Mislead shoppers in an attempt to encourage shares, likes, or clicks
  • Mislead shoppers to conceal or enable the violation of other policies under the Community Standards