Targeting Guidelines

Valid on April 15, 2020

SplitChek caters from ages seven and above because of this age gap; we want to protect minors from being exposed to unexpected content. When posting - Posting means creating a goss, product, page, landing page, blog or article on SplitChek - you are required to set age bracket to control who can see your post

Here are some guidelines to follow when deciding who can view your content

  • 1. If a post is shared within your family and you believe anyone should see it, set age bracket to all ages
  • 2. If your post contains content that is not suitable for a particular age choose the appropriate age bracket
  • 3. When you add items to your wishlist, those products would have age bracket set, and anyone under the required age bracket will not see your products.
  • 4. If you sell products that contain adult content - you must set age bracket to 18 and above or based on your local regulatory laws.
  • 5. If you sell alcohol - any post, store, and products must be set to 18 and above or based on your local regulatory laws.
  • 6. If you are a merchant, certain products can only be sold locally. You should set your store to be local or national so that international shoppers won't see your products.
  • 7. If your post contains coarse language, it must be set to 16 and above.
  • 8. It is illegal to break the laws that govern minors, and SplitChek does not tolerate such behaviour. If such behaviour arises, your account will be terminated, and you will be reported to governing legal authorities.
  • 9. We expect you to comply with local legal and regulatory requirements in addition to our Shopper Agreement, Commerce Terms, Code of Conduct, Intellectual Property and Advertising Policy.