We connect you to shoppers who are active, engaging, with intent to buy gifts for their loved ones

SplitChek is a social gifting platform that connects shoppers to share the cost of meaningful gifts for each other

Do you find yourself putting a lot of effort into marketing and selling only to see a big chunk of your hard-earned profits taken away from you as transaction fees?

Do you wish you could communicate with your potential buyers to learn about their shopping preferences and tailor your products to their needs?


What SplitChek can do for your business


Hungry market

Shoppers on our platform are active, engaging buyers with intent to buy gifts. All you need is to sell high quality, thoughtful products, and we will take care of the rest.


The power of sharing

On SplitChek, shoppers can split their bills at the checkout, making it easier for you to sell any product, no matter how expensive it is.


Powerful feedback

The social nature of our platform encourages shoppers to share their experiences and gossip about your products, which provides you with crucial feedback about your products. On SplitChek, you know precisely how to optimize your business and which products to sell.


Free organic marketing

As a merchant, you gain access to our FREE blogging platform that you can use to educate your potential shoppers about your products and increase your sales. Also, all the posts you make in the blog help you with your SEO optimization.


Build an audience for your store

As our merchant, you receive FREE access to our coupon platform. You can use these coupons to promote your online store outside of SplitChek, and improve your conversion rate!

Why choose us?

Higher quality & lower competition - Traditional marketplaces are filled with low-quality products. They force you to sacrifice your quality to compete with the low prices of other sellers.

In contrast, we perform regular product quality checks to make sure that only high-quality merchants continue selling on our platform. That allows us to reduce the competition for our sellers significantly.

Merchant to buyer conversation - Most marketplaces are built on buyer-seller relations that are harsh, distant, and exploitive. SplitChek has a community where shoppers and merchants can have a social conversation and understand each other's needs bette

Low fees - Running a business can be challenging as it is, but many selling marketplaces charge you ludicrous fees to be able to sell at all, plus some of them charge final value fees that scale up with your product prices. With SplitChek, you can enjoy selling your products while only paying gateway fees. The profit you make is YOURS to keep.

We want you to feel at home on splitchek. that's why if you join today, you will receive $250 free credit to use on the platform!

Is your business eligible to sell on SplitChek?

As a family-friendly gifting platform, we cater to all buyers ages seven and above. Therefore, to let you sell on SplitChek, we need to approve your business manually to make sure it is safe and appropriate for all ages. If you want to get approved on our platform, your business should meet all three of the criteria below:

  • Your business should be registered (ex. in Australia, an ABN is required)
  • You should tell us your target audience and age bracket
  • You should only sell quality products or services worth gifting
  • If approved, you can sell up to 100 products or services for free

Protect your brand with SplitChek HashTag

SplitChek’s HashTag trademark is used for Brand Exclusivity within SplitChek platforms. Businesses can use keywords which gives them exclusivity of their brands, products or services.